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You probably know that having flaws in pearly whites can be quite embarrassing. In fact, are you aware that Americans actually spend millions of dollars each year just on teeth whitening? While teeth whitening can be very useful for yellowing teeth, did you know that your teeth could also turn black? If this happens, teeth whitening probably can’t help you. Fortunately, there are other treatment options you can consider to address a black tooth.
In general, the underlying cause of black teeth is trauma. Sadly, this trauma can come from falling or being hit in the jaw—which is the main reason you should wear a custom mouth guard when you play contact sports. If a tooth is injured, its pulp—which is found in the middle of your tooth—might be stained by blood. Your affected tooth could become darker over the course of several weeks if the issue isn’t treated.
If your injured tooth turns black, you could need root canal therapy to reverse the color. In reality, this treatment involves cleaning and sterilizing your pulp. However, please be aware that many children may not need this treatment even if they fall. However, their teeth typically return to their original color after just a few days.
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