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Feel self-conscious when you smile? There’s a solution! A dental veneer can restore your smile back to normal – possibly even better than it was before.
What’s a veneer? It’s is a slim sheet of porcelain which is custom-fit over a cracked, chipped or discolored tooth. Dr. Natalya Ramsay will usually recommend a veneer when the roots of your original tooth are still strong.
A veneer’s primary function is to hide imperfections or restore what is lost. But did you know that veneers are extremely durable? They can last up to ten years. Also, the process involves very little natural tooth loss, and the results mean protecting your natural tooth from the bacteria and acid in your foods.
What is the procedure? Allow this hypothetical story about a dental patient named Bob to illustrate:
Bob has a chipped tooth. He decides he wants to get a dental veneer. First, however, he wants to get his teeth bleached at Evans Street Dental Center. Why is that? Evans Street Dental Center let him know that his veneer will be color-matched to the rest of his teeth. Porcelain veneers can’t be bleached with peroxide like natural teeth can, so if Bob wants his whitened smile to look even and natural, it’s either now or ten years from now when his veneer wears out.
After his teeth are whitened, he visits Evans Street Dental Center again to get a dental veneer. Dr. Natalya Ramsay removes a tiny amount of the original tooth. He then forms a mold of Bob’s mouth, focusing especially on the damaged tooth. He places a temporary veneer over the damaged tooth to protect it while a dental technician creates a special permanent veneer. When it’s ready, Dr. Natalya Ramsay adheres the veneer to Bob’s tooth with a durable dental superglue. Bob’s smile looks great!
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