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Do you feel stressed, nervous, or even anxious leading up to or during dental visits? You are not alone! Many people feel some degree of dental anxiety. Some are so nervous that they even avoid going to the dentist altogether. Here at Evans Street Dental Center, our dentist and team are happy to work with you to ensure your comfort and ease during your appointments. That is why we offer sedation dentistry in McMinnville, Oregon. What is sedation dentistry, you may ask? Sedation dentistry is the use of medication to help patients relax and feel calm during dental procedures. There are several types of sedation available. Speak with Dr. Natalya Ramsay to find out which option is best for you.
Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a very common form of dental sedation. A small mask is placed over your nose and mouth, through which you breathe the nitrous oxide. This form of sedation will not put you to sleep, but will reduce your anxiety. Nitrous oxide will wear off quickly after your dental appointment and you will be able to drive yourself home.
With oral sedation, you are given a pill to take before your appointment to relax you. The dosage can vary with this type of sedation. As with nitrous oxide, you will be awake during your procedure, but not nervous.
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