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The enamel layer of your teeth is designed to bite, chew and grind even the toughest of foods. Unfortunately, there are times when grinding your teeth at night or injuring your oral cavity can actually chip, crack or fracture one of your teeth. In an extreme case, the damage might be so extensive that our Evans Street Dental Center dentist cannot save the tooth, which will likely result in extraction to prevent further complications.
Once your gums have healed after the extraction, Dr. Shane Ellsworth often recommends restoring the tooth with a dental bridge.
A dental bridge in McMinnville, Oregon, is designed to appear and function just like the natural tooth. The bridge is fused to a pair of dental crowns that are anchored to the two neighboring teeth.
Dr. Shane Ellsworth will shape the anchoring teeth by removing the majority of the enamel layer and leave a small amount of enamel to protect the healthy interior of the teeth.
Then, our Evans Street Dental Center team will create a detailed impression of the smile, which will include the void left by the missing tooth and the relationship to any other teeth in your bite pattern. This impression will be sent to the dental lab where your permanent bridge will be made. At the end of the appointment, your dentist will secure temporary crowns atop each anchoring tooth to protect them while the lab works on your permanent bridge.
Once the dental lab has completed your bridge, we will call you back in for a brief second appointment. During this appointment, the temporary crowns are removed and your new bridge is cemented in place.
If you have a fractured, damaged or missing tooth that needs to be restored, please call Evans Street Dental Center at 503-472-1402 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shane Ellsworth, and restore your beautiful smile!