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What is the first thing you think of when you hear the term oral health care? In most people’s minds, it would be the daily routines of brushing and flossing. This is because brushing and flossing remain crucial parts of keeping your smile safe and clean. When considering the benefits of dental floss, remember the tasks you will require for your smile’s health. It’s never too late to think about what dental floss can do for you, including the following:
-To ensure contamination between teeth will not happen, use a floss strand roughly 18 inches in length for each session, and move up and down the strand of floss for each single gap.
– Elect for floss that won’t easily shred or tear during use, including products that have met the American Dental Association’s requirements for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. In addition, single filament thread is designed to be shred resistant.
– Never use the same sector of a thread strand more than once.
– It is suggested that you floss every day for 2-3 minutes each session, ensuring the areas between each tooth are thoroughly cleaned.
– If your dental flossing methods are diminishing due to age and pain, switch to an easier-to-use interdental cleaner such as a water flosser.
No matter which option for your dental care you choose, Dr. Natalya Ramsay and our team at Evans Street Dental Center will make sure that you receive the care and quality your smile requires. If you would like to come visit us at our dentist office in McMinnville, Oregon, please schedule an appointment at 503-472-1402. Our dental superheroes are here to help!