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Are you in need of a cavity treatment but you’re afraid of having a dental amalgam placed? Although dental amalgams have a proven 150-year track record, they are not popular options for many individuals because of the aesthetic look they leave behind and the presence of mercury, which is a known allergen for many individuals. If for any reason you are looking for an alternative treatment, one highly effective option to consider is a composite filling.
Composite fillings are tooth restoration treatments designed to naturally match the color of your teeth without using visually invasive metals. Instead, composite fillings, which are typically crafted from resin, can be color-matched to your teeth and easily placed for a safe alternative treatment to correct the cavities that you may have. They are extremely effective for small cavities and microscopic ones that you may have. Composites are durable and can effectively last for 7 to 10 years before a replacement may be needed.
Composite fillings are known for being effective sealants of the margins. The margins of a tooth are where the tooth needs to be filled in, and in several instances, other treatments often cause leakage. However, composite fillings will not leak. What’s even better is that a composite filling can be repaired and replaced many times over without ever even having to remove the original filling. This provides easy access and comfort for treating your smile and ensuring cavities and other associated issues will not arise with your protected teeth.
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