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Our passion here at Evans Street Dental Center is helping everyone in our community to have outstanding oral health. Of course that includes providing top-flight dental care, but it also means caring for gums. Gums are the foundation for a healthy smile. Unfortunately, though, they can be quite vulnerable to disease. Treating gum disease once it has set in can restore that healthy smile.
Gum disease begins when gums become infected by bacteria in the mouth. What starts out as mild inflammation and sensitivity can progress to receding gums and eventually loose or even lost teeth. Gum disease is best treated early in its progression, since its effects are not always reversible.
Dr. Natalya Ramsay can recommend various treatments for gum disease, including scaling and root planing. These are both deep-cleaning procedures that can stop the progression of gum disease. During a scaling treatment, tartar that has built up below the gum line is removed, and root planing will smooth out the surface of the tooth root so tartar can’t accumulate in the future.
Early detection and prevention of gum disease are best. Part of our Dental Fitness Program here at Evans Street Dental Center focuses on periodontal health. When you begin, we can establish where your gum health stands and set goals to make improvements.
Healthy gums help ensure a healthy smile. To learn more about gum disease, its symptoms and causes, or to become a part of our Dental Fitness Program, please call our office right here in McMinnville, Oregon. We are excited to get to work with you on a brighter, healthier smile.