At Evans Street Dental Center, our dentist, Dr. Natalya Ramsay, and our team believe in the importance of maintaining good oral health, and we do so with patient education and preventive dental care. Through regular cleanings and other procedures, we help you maintain healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.

Dr. Ramsay and staff are here to help you maintain and improve your oral health by coaching you in preventive care and at-home dental hygiene. We will remove all plaque from your teeth during your professional cleaning at our office. Unfortunately, the effects of this cleaning are short-lived if you fail to maintain good dental hygiene once you leave our office. In fact, plaque begins to build up again almost immediately and will be back to the previous levels within 36 hours if you do not properly floss, brush, and follow other instructions provided by our dentist and hygienist. At Evans Street Dental Center, preventive care includes helping you to better understand how you can clean your smile and maintain good dental health. We welcome you to call our office today at 503-472-1402 to learn more about preventive care in McMinnville, Oregon, and how we, as your oral health coach, can help you keep your smile in good health.